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The Best Muscle-Building Supplements for Ectomorphs supplements are targeted at the average person, and the average person is overweight. Being muscular is considered very attractive these days, so there are some supplements for muscle gain out there, but even then, most of them don’t take into account the fact that us ectomorphs are trying to gain weight. For a deeper look into the study, read The Best Muscle-Building Supplements for Ectomorphs

Whatever you think about workout programs, supplements are not a magic formula that’s going to make you bigger. There’s a reason they’re called supplements. Weight gain happens because of a good lifting program, a good bulking diet, and some quality sleep. Cheap, simple and effective, and until you’re doing all of these things correctly and consistently, there’s no supplement that’s going to do any good.

There are 4 ways your workouts are going to go based on what you do:

  • Poor workout program + supplements = no results, deflated, money wasted, you blame your genetics, and you give up after a month
  • An okay workout program + supplements = you’ll tell yourself weight gaining takes time, there’s no telling what’s going to happen, but results will be mediocre.
  • Great workout program + no supplements = great, steady, reliable results. Your friends will assume you have good genes.
  • Great workout program + great supplements = “WTF man! Are you on steroids!? You were skinny last time I saw you…”

There’s a right way and a wrong way to lift and eat when you’re skinny. Knowing how to do it will make all the difference in the world.

As skinny guys, we need to be eating as many calories as we possibly can. This means eating when you think you’re full and eating so much it’ll feel like a full time job. Meal prep, cooking, and eating will be the hardest part of your weight gaining program. Skinny guys don’t need a supplement regiment with a bunch of vitamins, we need one that’s full of a hell of a lot of calories. But nutrition still matters because we don’t want to get skinny fat, we want to bulk and look good. So we have to eat the right kinds of calories in the right way.

You’ll read a lot of different things, but know that as skinny guys our nutrition plan will be different than everything you read. Because we can pretty much eat whatever we want without gaining a lot of weight. So know this, workout nutrition is over-hyped. Nothing beats overall calorie and protein intake. If you eat right, meaning you eat a ton of good calories, you’re going to build muscle whether you supplement this drink we’re going to tell you about – first thing in the morning, while training, or even right before bed as long as you have a good lifting program. That’s because the calorie, carb and protein content of the workout drink supersedes the timing of it.

Read the whole study here:

this study, guys who added whey protein and maltodextrin into their diet gained an extra 7.5 pounds of muscle over the course of 8 weeks while simultaneously losing fat.

We’ve consulted with the guys at to find brands with the best science and reputation for being true and reasonably priced.

The most important pre workout supplements for ectomorphs (skinny guys!)

Creatine. Creatine is by far the best, most powerful, muscle-building supplement for skinny guys (that’s legal). Studies worldwide have shown that it builds remarkable amounts of muscle and strength by giving your muscles extra energy.

Maltodextrin. If you go out and buy one of the expensive weight gainers, you’ll notice that they’re packed full of dextrose or maltodextrin. If you look those up individually, you’ll be shocked at how cheap they are when you buy them separately. Because without the packaging and fancy marketing – what you’re really buying is a fancy tub of flour…

Maltodextrin is a glucose polymer. Which means it’s a starch made up of many glucose units bound together. You’d naturally get this from things like flour, rice and potatoes. But unlike flour, rice and potatoes, you can drink it instead of eat it. Which means you can consume a lot of it without wrecking and bloating your stomach. It’s also very low in fibre, so it’s easy on the appetite and will clear out of your stomach relatively quickly.

Whey Protein. Whey is the best type of protein to take before, during and after a workout because it digests quickly and contains a very anabolic blend of amino acids. If you really want to kick things up a notch, it works even better at stimulating muscle growth when combined with a carb source like maltodextrin. This is why most commercial weight gainers will combine these two ingredients.

Whey has some other advantages that make it great for us ectomorphs, too: it’s calorically dense, it’s easy on the appetite, it’s extremely quick to prepare and consume, and it’s fairly cheap in large quantities.


Daily Creatine: Take 5 grams of creatine every day. In some way, shape or form. Mix it into your cereal, put it in your coffee, in your water – whatever you have to do. You can get it unflavored so it’s not hard to do. On workout days you’ll be putting it right in your workout drink.

After a month of taking 5 grams per day, your creatine levels to rise to max levels and prep your body for maximum performance from creatine.

Training drink: 30-90 grams Whey + 60-180 grams maltodextrin + 5 grams creatine. The smaller, 30 gram, dose of whey creates the perfect hormonal response and delivers all of the nutrient timing benefits. The larger, 90 gram, dose is for those of you who don’t eat enough to gain weight because it contains far more calories, all in liquid form, all easily digested.

You’ll want to drink this shake 1-2 hours before you train for the best results. Personally, I take my time with it and start sipping on it as I warm up on the stationary bike, then I’ll drink whatever’s left at the end of my workout. It’s not something that tastes very good (imagine drinking liquid cake). But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that nothing will guarantee muscle growth like consuming tons of the right kinds of calories at the most crucial muscle-building times.

For ectomorphs, this is the magic formula you’re missing. In one drink you’ll get everything you need to build muscle quickly and lean, while also being able to consume more calories. With a good workout program, you’ll see the results you’re looking for and have to defend yourself of steroid use.


The most important supplements for weight gain:

  1. Creatine for the improved rate of muscle growth.
  2. Maltodextrin for the extra calories and appetite manipulation.
  3. Whey to provide the raw building materials for muscle growth

And once again, what you really need is a great workout program, like this one: a lifting and diet program for skinny guys who want to bulk up and a ton of the right calories, and think of supplements as a multiplier. If you build zero pounds of muscle and multiply your results by 50% with expensive supplements… you’ve still built zero pounds of muscle. If you’re gaining a pound of muscle every week and you add in that same 50% increase though, you’re now gaining 1.5 pounds of muscle every week. As an ectomorph, if you’re tired of being skinny then you need to trust fellow ectomorphs who have added 20 pounds of muscle, instead of muscle bound guys who lose weight and cut.

Shane Hunt

Shane Hunt

Originally from New York City. Sports and music enthusiast.
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Shane Hunt

Shane Hunt

Originally from New York City. Sports and music enthusiast.