Just like physicians and other highly specialized and educated professionals,  lawyers too specialize in specific fields of law. As a result, we have a vast number of types of lawyers, according to their specialization. Despite the fact that the bar exam covers pretty much every aspect and area of the law, there is no lawyer who can retain all the nuances and subtleties of every field of law.


The complex and extensive body of knowledge that falls under the umbrella of Law simply goes too deep and spreads too far for a single lawyer to master all of it. This also causes confusion in common folk, who usually find themselves in a situation of not knowing who to call for help when faced with legal issues. More often than not, an individual will tend to hire a lawyer that does not specialize in the necessary field of law. Of course, this usually results in a lost court case.

If you don’t want to end up in a similar situation, read on, as we will cover some of the most common types of law and the lawyers that specialize in them.


This field of law is considered the largest, and undoubtedly the most emotionally taxing as well. The vast majority of family law practice typically deals with custody issues, child support, divorces, and so on. In more extreme cases, family lawyers might also represent children in cases against their educational institutions, guardians, and even parents. With all this in mind, if you ever need professional help in cases like these, keep in mind to look for reputable family law experts, such as Family Lawyers Melbourne.


Next up, we have Personal Injury Law. Even though Personal Injury professionals are considered the most notorious representatives of the legal community, their expertise is invaluable when it comes to a wide variety of personal injury cases. When an individual suffers an injury or develops a medical condition due to someone else’s malfeasance, recklessness, or negligence, they typically turn to Personal Injury for help and professional counseling. The tasks of these experts cover filing suits in civil courts, as well as petitioning punitive and compensatory damages from the accused parties.


In today’s dense and hectic business world, no business endeavor can succeed without its professional law representative. Business lawyers excel when it comes to the rules that govern the business world.  These include taxation, contract handing, partnerships, copyrights, internal revenue, compliance, employee rights, property leases, and so forth.  Simply put, an experienced and skilled business lawyer is a prerequisite for a successful business enterprise.


Last, but not least, we also have criminal lawyers as well. These professionals specialize in handling matters that pertain to a variety of criminal issues. Some of these include theft, alcohol and drug issues, assault, white collar crimes, etc. Of course, there are subcategories here. For example, theft covers everything from minor shoplifting to burglary, while white collar crimes can include writing bad checks, fraud, or embezzlement. Being charged with crimes such as these can severely affect one’s private and professional life. Therefore, it is crucial for an individual facing these charges to look for reputable Lawyers Melbourne, who specialize in this field of law.



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