What do employers say concerning hiring?

While many feel confident that they are fit for the advertised jobs, employers have a different say. That’s why only few qualify for applied jobs. The rest end up failing! What is it that employers are looking for? If one had the answer to this, they would qualify for every vacant position. Many however imagine being the employer and they present what it is they see fit for the job. In the process, they forge their details to please the employer and win the job. Once the real employers get their resumes, they can’t stand it. They just have to reject the application. In the attempt to reduce cheating, employers have embraced background checks. Such services tell the deep truth about the recommended applicants for the employer to decide. When talking to employers, here are some of the things that come up.

  1. Cheating in academic info means disqualification

Resumes are nowadays being forged. Getting jobs with low grades is stressful. No one wants to be in that position. Forging certificates is hence on the rising trend as jobseekers demand employment. Screening service companies are busy trying to verify what is on the CVs of different applicants. With professionals being entrusted for the job, the liars are busted. When they do, not even them can withstand the pressure due to embarrassment. Employers see this as naïve and very unprofessional. Almost all of them will not consider hiring people who lie about their grades. It is wise if you learn from that. Forging won’t raise your chances of getting a job. It only makes your unemployment worse.

  1. Criminal history! Employers care less

As you would expect, crime should be a strong factor to filter job applicants. On the contrary, employers tend to leave it to the state governments. These are good news to the job seekers who had their past filled with criminal records. If they changed for the better, they won’t be affected on their next job application. Employers have shifted their focus on academic excellence and current character during interviews.hiring

  1. Drug abuse and addiction checks very much applicable

Recreational drug use has been a concern in the commercial sector for years. Different economics are now being pushed by modern lifestyles to legalize some of the illegal drugs like marijuana. The United States has done that already. However employers are observed to remain firm in the old trends concerning drug abuse. Even after legalization, marijuana tests are still applicable in filtering applicants. No employer expects to hire smokers.

  1. Later findings are 50-50

Some of the applicants manage to go through the screening tests and are applied just by using tricks. In the end, the truth comes up and the employer discovers how much you lied. The biggest percentage of employers are said to disqualify the lying employee while some say they would ask for an explanation. The decision here will be based on your performance for the time you have been hired. Don’t risk it though. It might not work with you. For your information, only one in a million are able to dodge screening services.

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