Mattresses for Double Beds

A double bed is also known as a full size bed. In the old days the double bed was the standard bed for two adults. Homes back then were built smaller and the beds were a good fit. A double bed measures 54” X 75”. This is a small sized bed for two adults and nowadays double beds are used for a single person. The standard now for a bed suitable for two adults is the queen size bed. It measures 60” X 80”. It is the most ideal because it offers enough space and also saves on space in the bedroom. No one wants to sleep in a congested and cluttered space. The bedroom should be spacious and relaxing.

Double beds are a good sized bed for kids nowadays because they give them enough space to enjoy the bed and play with other kids on it. Double beds are therefore a good fit for parents with kids who don’t want to keep changing the bed from the baby cot, to the crib, to the twin to the double bed. This can increase in expenses for the parents so many opt to skip straight to the double bed for their children. The double bed will therefore serve them longer and helps them to save money.

Double beds just like any other bed will require a mattress. A double bed mattress is usually cheaper than a queen or king sized bed mattress. This is because mostly of its small size therefore not much material has been used to make the mattress which causes it to be cheap. The price does not therefore in any way compromise on the quality of a double bed mattress. A mattress for a double bed will be smaller to fit into the bed and allow for tucking of the bed sheets when making the bed. When buying a double bed it is usually sold with the discount mattress because of the difference in size of the double bed from the normal queen and king size beds. 

If your mattress is worn out and you need a new one you may shop for one online or locally in your home – depo store. It is important to remember that the size of your double bed is smaller than the usual beds so specify to the sales person that you want a double size mattress. Check on the density of the mattress and also the material it is made of. This is because double bed mattresses are also made from a variety of materials and also are available in different finishes.  It is possible therefore to get a mattress topper that suits your needs even when you have a double bed.

If the double bed is for your kids you can buy them mattress online with nice colors and finishes which will help make their bedrooms fun and lively.

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